Your 2024 Guide for Enhanced Employee Experience

It’s time to make change happen.

Congratulations for proactively searching for a better way to manage your employee experience! You now have access to your very own Guide for Enhanced Employee Experience.

Your step by step guide includes

1. Time to modernize

5 reasons why makeshift employee experiences miss the mark

2. The benchmark of success

Learn from Udemy how they optimized their onboarding process, saving countless hours of manual administration

3. Self-Assessment

Quantify your current business risk and cost-saving opportunities with this easy-to-use calculator

4. Be the expert

3 ways you can make the case for investing in a better employee experience

5. Make the change

➡Download your ready-made business case template here  to drive action in your organization

1. Time to modernize

An illustration of a person balancing on top of multiple objects such as a pencil, a clock, a phone, a lightbulb and various shapes.

Take a look at five common pitfalls you may encounter by relying on a framework of disconnected and makeshift systems for your employee experience.

Read the article ‘5 reasons why makeshift employee experiences miss the mark’

You will learn how makeshift systems lead to:

• An inconsistent experience for employees

• Incomplete data that is required for effective decision making

• An increased margin of error due to knowledge gaps and human fault

• Ineffective scaling as the company grows

• Loss of time due to increased manual tasks and administration

2. The benchmark of success

Screenshot of the Dado + Udemy webinar

Learn from Udemy how they optimized their onboarding process, saving countless hours of manual administration and improving their employee feedback and engagement.

Watch this webinar here: ’From Hands-on to High Automation – How Udemy Significantly Enhanced its Employee Experience’

You will learn:

• How Udemy previously managed their employee experience and the challenges they faced

• Why they decided to look for a solution to streamline their process and what they considered internally

• How they managed the solution implementation and what were the critical success factors for effectively changing the process

• The impressive  results that the HR team has driven for Udemy, both culturally and financially

• How you can do the same: tips on how you can be the employee experience change-maker at your company

3. Self-assessment

The onboarding costs calculator on an iPad

Are you aware of how much time and money is being lost in your organization due to an ineffective onboarding process? 

Use our free onboarding cost calculator to figure out exactly how much your onboarding program costs.

Make a copy, then enter just a few pieces of information and see the results instantly. 

You will learn:

• The cost of staff time per new hire

• Annual cost to run your onboarding program

• The potential business impacts of optimization and automation for your team

4. Be the expert

Illustration showing one preson presenting to two other people. On the board she is presenting are bar graphs and a bullseye.

Selling a better way internally is no easy task, but there are effective ways to engage and convince internal stakeholders on how technology and better processes can support the business and employees.

Read this article on ‘How to convince internal stakeholders to invest in a better employee experience’.

You will learn how to:

• Engage senior stakeholders with research and industry best practices

• Tailor your business case to the business's overall objectives

• Find your senior-level champion to help with internal buy-in

• Lead with data and return on investment to speak their language

• Provide a concrete plan for implementation to show you’ve thought ahead

• Explain how success will be measured

5. Make the change

You’ve done your research and you’re now ready to build your very own business case.

By implementing a technology solution such as Dado, you will be able to streamline HR processes and save countless hours in administrative tasks, just like our friends at Udemy.

Simply make your own copy of the  template and edit to build your custom business case for a better employee experience solution and be the changemaker in your organization.

You’ll also have the opportunity to submit your business case for expert feedback to ensure you’re hitting the mark.

Template for business case | HR software

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