From Hands-on to High Automation – How Udemy Significantly Enhanced its Employee Experience

Hear from Udemy’s Lauren Hauser, Learning & Development (L&D) Program Manager, on how the People team saved Udemy time and money while increasing overall employee satisfaction

Udemy improves lives through learning by providing flexible, effective skill development to empower organizations and individuals.  

Udemy onboards new employees on a regular basis from across the world. With its continued hiring and greater demand on HR, the team had to find a solution to streamline processes and protect their overall employee experience. 

Watch the recording of this discussion to learn how Lauren Hauser, from the Udemy L&D team, went from a time-consuming manual process to implementing a solution that not only saved them countless hours per week, but also resulted in significant cost saving for the business and improved employee satisfaction.

Join Arielle Kilroy, Co-Founder of Dado, and Udemy’s Lauren Hauser, L&D Program Manager, to learn: 

  • How Udemy used to manage their employee experience and what challenges they faced
  • Why they decided to look for a solution to streamline their process and what they considered internally
  • How did they manage the solution implementation and what were the critical success factors to effectively changing the process 
  • The impressive  results that the HR team has driven for Udemy, both culturally and financially
  • How you can do the same: tips on how you can be the employee experience changemaker at your company

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