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No more checklists,
no more chasing

Your HRIS makes big promises about its time-saving automation, but you’re stuck doing just as much manual work.
Dado autonomously runs personalized end-to-end employee experiences, for 2 people or 200,000.

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Enabling great employee experiences at top companies
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Automate everything — not just comms

Most HR tools are just digital versions of paper forms and their ‘automation’ reflects that: they can send emails with first name personalization, but not much more. Dado is easy-to-use, with drag-and-drop features that can automate and customize every element of the employee experience.

Automatic adjustments

🗓️ Start date changes
🏝️ Out of offices
🛟 Exceptions
🤖 All handled without the need for any manual intervention

Automagic integrations

📆 Invite to calendar events
💬 Create IT service tickets
‍📩 Add to channels lists
🎓 Enroll in your LMS
🔁 Sync data to your HRIS


📌 Tasks auto-assigned to the right person at the right time
✅ Instant visibility on which tasks are completed
⏰ Reminders to ensure they’re done by deadline

Auto-personalized messaging

Custom content for different:
📍 Locations
👥 Teams
🎚️ Seniority levels
💼 Remote/on-site
And anything else you need

“We've been able to bring consistency and transparency for every location while saving 10's of hours each week compared to our previous process.”

Photo of Lauren Hauser

Lauren Hauser

L&D Program Manager

Turn HR from
a cost center to a

revenue driver

HR teams are being asked to do more with less. Dado is the extra team member you wish you had: the one who can simultaneously save costs and boost the effectiveness of your programs.

Unlike your existing HR tools, Dado radically reduces the time spent on wasteful, repetitive admin work for HR teams and people managers.

On the other side of the balance sheet, Dado is proven to make new hires productive faster and boost employee engagement. All for less than half of the cost of an extra HR Generalist.

150k savings in 8 months with Dado
A task being completed by a new hire and automatically being checked as done in an onboarding report for an admin

No chasing, no nagging, no guesswork

Dado responds to real-time behavior: employees never need to check a box to say they’ve done something. Instead, their tasks auto-complete when they've watched the video, uploaded the document, or submitted the info.

Auto-completed tasks let you to instantly see the true status of every process for every employee — and easily spot issues ahead of time.

Your employees are judging you

50% of your new hires are already looking for a new role.1
Why? The fragmented onboarding process you’ve cobbled together out of multiple incompatible systems is a red flag for what’s to come.

It’s not your fault. You’re doing your best with HR tools that aren’t designed to offer the kinds of consumer-grade experiences employees now expect.

Dado is an HR tool that employees actually like using. Not only does that solve your new hire attrition problems, it also makes it more likely that employees (and their managers!) complete all their to-dos ahead of deadline, so your processes run smoothly every time.

1. Source: 2022 Global Candidate Experience Benchmark Research Report

Employees love Dado

“Dado saves me dozens of hours every week. I could not imagine doing my job without it anymore.”

Sarah Wong

Senior People Operations Specialist

Dado supports every stage of your employee experience


Send personalized welcome emails • Capture and process employee data • Collect hardware and swag choices


Auto-send exit survey • Request IT accounts deactivation • Schedule  exit interview with manager


Launch after onboarding • Custom content per region • Personalize based on seniority and experience level


Collect travel preferences • Order swag • Communicate personalized agendas • Collect post-event feedback

Work Anniversary

Auto-start 1 week beforehand • Collect well wishes from team • Assign manager to select gift • Send personalized message


Automatically take employee and manager through executing a performance improvement plan

Parental Leave

Send paperwork for review • Instructions for hardware collection • Countdown to leave • Countdown to return

Anything you imagine

Dado is a flexible tool that lets you design any process to fit your organization – if you can imagine it, you can build it

Make better decisions with real-time data

Dado tracks every aspect of every employee journey, from open rates to task completion and more.

Identify where employees are struggling in your existing process, implement changes and see improvements happening in real time.

Reports on key onboarding metrics

Supercharge your People toolset

Employee data, engagement surveys, performance management…

You already have the best tools for each job. Get the most of your toolset by connecting everything into a people-first journey.

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