A better
in half the admin time

Plan the ideal employee experience, then sit back and watch. Dado handles task emails, late reminders and completion rates. 

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Build and launch a full experience in minutes

Drag-and-drop on the timeline, pick from predefined actions like answering a question, uploading a file, watching a video, reading a doc, and more.

Assign tasks to employees or different roles such as managers, buddies, IT, and more.

An HR tool employees will love (really)

Most HR tools ask too much time and attention from employees, causing frustration for them, and low completion rates for you.

Dado experience pages are like mini project plans, that show each employee what needs to be done and when – no training required.

Automate the work you don't want to do

No one likes to spend their days reminding others of what they're supposed to do – even if what needs to be done is really, really important.

Easily set up recurring reminders for all tasks in your experience, and let Dado check who needs to be receiving them.

Get better ROI from your current tools

Import data from your HRIS, send employees links to their performance reviews, or check if they've completed an LMS module.

Dado isn't here to replace your current tools – it's the layer that connects them and makes them all work even harder for you.

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