Supercharge your HRIS with Dado

Your HRIS is like a swiss army knife – it does a little bit of everything, but not very well.

Dado is a specialized tool for managing complex HR processes. It does everything your HRIS can, and so much more.

Combine Dado with your HRIS to save hundreds of hours of admin work and watch employee engagement and compliance soar.

Why forward-thinking HR teams choose Dado

Once HR teams have added Dado to their toolstack, they never want to go back. Here's why.

Scalable customization

With Dado, you don't need to sacrifice scalability for customization. Automatically tailor every part of a process to individual employees, from message content to tasks assigned.

Real-time task tracking

No check-boxes = no chasing. Dado tasks auto-complete when employees take action, eg uploading a file. So you always know the real-time status of every employee, every process.

Employees love it

Dado gives your employees the consumer-grade experience they expect, so they complete their to-dos on time.

Fast to implement, fast to make changes

Launch your first process in 2 weeks, with zero training needed. Then iterate as often as you like to evolve and improve.

Feature comparison

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Scalable content personalization


Automatic process customization

employee experience

journey builder




Analytics &


& reminders



Rapid implementation process

A task being completed by a new hire and automatically being checked as done in an onboarding report for an admin

Employees love Dado
and they hate your HRIS

The research is clear: employees now expect consumer-grade tools – and retention and productivity suffers when you don’t provide them.

  • Disengaged employees cost their employer the equivalent of 18% of their annual salary1
  • Organizations with engaged employees have 59% lower turnover rates2
  • 77% of job seekers say that employee experience is a deciding factor3

Dado fits seamlessly into your employees workflow – which means they complete their to-dos on time, without any headaches.
Can you say the same about your HRIS?

Deep dive into what makes Dado better

A task being completed by a new hire and automatically being checked as done in an onboarding report for an admin

Tasks that auto-complete – no chasing required!

Tasks in Dado are automatically completed when the employee takes the required action. They upload the document – task complete. They watch the training video – task complete. 

No more guessing whether they haven’t done the task… or just forgot to check the box. You always have access to real-time data on the real status of every process for every employee.

And your employees never get irritated because you're bugging them about checking off those boxes.

Processes that automatically adapt to each unique employee

Dado lets you build just one process that automatically adapts to each employee. Custom content is sent and specific tasks are assigned (or not assigned) based on the employee’s location, department, employment type – or any other piece of employee data.

The best part? It’s so simple to add customization that you can get started minutes after you first get access to your Dado account.

And, once configured, your processes will auto-customize for every employee without any extra effort from you.

Back to the feature comparison

Personalized onboarding with HR automation
A task being completed by a new hire and automatically being checked as done in an onboarding report for an admin

Advanced analytics with real-time data

Dado tracks every aspect of every employee journey, from open rates to task completion and more.

Our advanced reporting dashboard lets you easily:

  • Identify which tasks employees struggle to complete on time
  • Spot the opportunities to improve the process – and then measure the effect of your changes
  • Understand which employee types (eg managers) or cohorts are having the hardest time
  • Measure the time your team has saved using Dado 

Integrations that really save you time

Dado has dozens of powerful integrations with the tools you use most—far beyond what your HRIS offers.
Here are some of the most popular ways for customers to automate away manual effort using our integrations.

HR automation

Support for every stage of the employee lifecycle

Dado is not just an onboarding/offboarding tool. It’s a flexible platform that can handle any process you can imagine.


Send personalized welcome emails • Capture and process employee data • Collect hardware and swag choices


Auto-send exit survey • Request IT accounts deactivation • Schedule  exit interview with manager


Launch after onboarding • Custom content per region • Personalize based on seniority and experience level


Collect travel preferences • Order swag • Communicate personalized agendas • Collect post-event feedback

Work Anniversary

Auto-start 1 week beforehand • Collect well wishes from team • Assign manager to select gift • Send personalized message


Automatically take employee and manager through executing a performance improvement plan

Parental Leave

Send paperwork for review • Instructions for hardware collection • Countdown to leave • Countdown to return

Anything you imagine

Dado is a flexible tool that lets you design any process to fit your organization – if you can imagine it, you can build it

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