Employee-first offboarding

Offboarding doesn't have to a painful experience. And neither should employees be left on their own during this important transition time.
Give your people a warm send-off, listen to learn what could have been better and increase the chances that they become boomerang employees.

Deliver a smooth and productive offboarding

Avoid the rush: make sure parting employees receive all the information they need and complete all necessary legal tasks before their last day.

  • Use Dado to automatically distribute offboarding tasks over time based on the notice period.
  • Simplify the sending and receiving of leaving agreements, vacation or equity payouts, and any other documents.
Let employees see what will happen with experience emails and page
Deliver multiple types of task with a definition of done that must be completed
information transfer

Prevent loss of knowledge

Every teammate holds valuable knowledge that shouldn’t get lost when they walk out the door.

  • Ask the leaving employee and their manager to nominate who will be responsible for continuing their work.
  • Notify those people early and set up regular knowledge transfer sessions.
exit interviews

Gather feedback to iterate and improve the journey

Exit talks are a great opportunity to gather feedback and improve your employee experience. But in the rush of someone's last few days, it’s easy to forget about them.

  • Automate the booking of manager or HR exit interviews, including predefined talking points.
  • Set up follow-up tasks for managers to document and pass on the results after the meeting.
Automate setting up calendar events with Dado automations
Ready to use offboarding template

Start from one our templates and customize it to your needs. Set up and launch a new offboarding experience for your organization in just a week.

Drive change in your organization

Give employees an intuitive and personalized experience while saving your team hundreds of work-hours.