The best offboarding they’ll ever have

Offboarding doesn't have to a painful experience. Give your people a warm send-off, seamlessly complete compliance requirements, gain insight for future improvements and increase the chance they become boomerang employees.

Sample offboarding experience

Dado lets you create custom employee journeys that suit your organization’s process and culture. Here is an example offboarding experience.

1 week before last day at work
a man wearing a hat
Oliver Otto enrolled in Offboarding
New Last day of work synced from HRIS
a man wearing a hat
Sent to Oliver Otto
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Exit FAQ + Survey

You’re leaving Acme in the near future and you probably have a lot of questions. Please take a look at the below FAQs, as many of your questions will likely answer..

Complete Exit Survey

3 days before last day at work
a person smiling for the cameraComputer
Sent to HR Manager, and IT Team
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Termination Notice – Oliver Otto

Hello, please be aware of the following voluntary exit:

  • Name: Participant: Oliver Otto <>
  • Official Termination Date: 20.07.2024
a person with a yellow background
Sent to Otto’s Manager Maria
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Offboarding Instructions – Oliver Otto

Hi Maria, this email is to confirm that we have received the resignation of Oliver, whose last day with Acme will be 20.07.2024. Here are some steps you should...

Organize a leaving gift

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Create handover plan

3 days before last day at work
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Offboarding Meeting automatically created with Otto and Maria

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Exit Interview automatically created with Otto and HR Manager

a man wearing a hat
Sent to Oliver Otto
Last day at work
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Last Day – Offboarding Instructions

Oliver, thank you for your hard work, we are sad to see you go. Before EOB today, please make sure to complete the following tasks to finalize your offboarding.

Update your contact information

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Return your equipment

Book a call