From onboarding guides to real experiences

Help your new starters create strong roots faster. Even before their first day, offer them feelings of progress and achievement.
Present critical company content, foster early connections and more, so that you can smoothly guide them to success.
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Support employees before they even start

They said yes! The time between the offer and the first day is crucial for making new hires feel welcome.

Set them up for a great start with a simple way to send their equipment choice, swag sizes, dietary preferences – and anything else that's important for your organization.
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First impressions are the most lasting

Make sure new starters get a great first impression of your company by giving them a clear view of what to expect during their first days, weeks and months.

Ensure a consistent experience across the organization so that your new team member feels part of the team regardless where they sit.
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Teach and uphold company culture

Onboarding is more than just paperwork and tools. Get new hires the network they need with pre-booked manager meetings, check-ins with HR and more.

Keep them engaged with important items like company values, behaviors, and best practices long after they've put away their welcome packets.
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Fast track performance

Give new employees the support they need to be productive fast and achieve early victories.

Define a performance schedule with goal setting, feedback sessions and performance check-ins so they know what is expected of them, and when it's due.

Try Dado for free and put all pieces of your employees’ onboarding experience together in one place.

Dado comes pre-loaded with multiple sample experiences like the 90-day Onboarding below. Use it as is, or edit and customize to your organisations needs.

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