Tune In: Arielle Kilroy, Dado CEO, talks industry transformation on the Venture Visionaries podcast

Dado CEO Arielle Kilroy joins Venture Visionaries host Thomas Igeme to discuss the challenges and excitment of building a business in a new category.

In the episode, Arielle and Thomas cover a range of topics applicable—and inspirational—even if you're not founding a start-up, including:

  • tips on driving alignment and getting buy-in from stakeholders, based on what Arielle has learnt about managing investors
  • predictions on the future of work and technology, such as how data and AI will change how HR work is done across industries
  • transferring skills across disparate fields, including some personal stories about which skills Arielle found most valuable when she moved industry that should fire your imagination

Listen to the podcast on the Venture Visionaries site, on Spotify, or Apple Podcasts

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