Putting employees in the driving seat: 3 ways to use Dado’s new enrollment forms

Part of Dado’s mission is to automate away the manual chores that bog down HR teams. We want to free you up to work on higher impact, more strategic work – the kind of work that only you can do. Our newest feature can help cutdown on busywork for you while increasing employee autonomy.

Dado excels at automating the various tasks and comms required for your processes. But that still leaves HR as a kind of ‘bouncer’, in charge of who gets to go through those processes.

That can be a good thing: you don’t want anyone accidentally starting your offboarding procedure unless they’re really leaving!

In other cases, HR doesn’t need to be a blocker. Empowering employees themselves (or their managers) to get started is another way to take some busywork off HR’s plate.

That’s why we’ve added the ability to let employees enroll themselves into your Dado experiences. This happens when you add an enrollment form to your Dado experience. You can customize the form to collect all the necessary info; and there's optional approval step so HR still has a veto if needed.

Here are three ways to use this new feature for employee-driven experiences:

Take the heavy lifting out of running a Mentorship Program

Mentorship programs are one of the best ways to support employee development, and strengthen connections between levels and organizational silos. Having a mentor is associated with a 23% increase in job satisfaction, and 88% of both mentors and mentees say that the mentoring relationship has increased their productivity.

Running your mentorship program with Dado dramatically reduces the manual comms and admin effort:

  • Use an enrollment form to let interested employees sign up, and specify what kind of mentor/mentee they’d be interested in having – or even nominate a specific person
  • Sync the enrollees’ data to a Google or Excel spreadsheet where you can easily match the mentor and mentee candidates, then sync that info back to Dado, to inform the next steps in the experience
  • Introduce mentors and mentees, then task mentors with booking regular mentoring sessions
  • Schedule ongoing comms to offer tailored guidance to mentors and mentees on how to get the most out of the program
  • Collect feedback to help you improve the program in future

Streamline the process of applying for Sabbaticals & Parental Leave

Leaves of absence – whether for health, parental or other reasons – can be the most intricate processes for existing employees. There are so many different policy and compliance considerations, and they vary considerably in different states and countries.

Dado can take the headaches out of handling these departures & re-entries:

  • Tailor an enrollment form to ensure managers/employees provide all the key info as part of the leave application
  • Request approval from the appropriate people and automatically remind them if they’re slow to respond
  • Automatically inform all the key stakeholders (payroll, facilities, HRBPs, etc)
  • Notify IT that they’ll need to arrange a hardware drop-off appointment or courier, depending on the employee’s working location
  • Guide the manager and employee through preparing a hand-over plan
  • Check in with the employee a month before their scheduled return, to ensure everything’s on track
  • Prompt the manager to prepare a re-entry plan well ahead of time

Cut down on employee FAQs with a Benefits Exploration experience

If there’s one universal experience for HR teams, it’s answering the same 5-10 FAQs from employees week in and week out. Often those questions relate to benefits: what’s available, how do I apply, what do I do next?

One of our customers is planning to use enrollment forms to trial a different, more interactive way to handle these FAQs:

  • The data points collected by the enrollment form tailor the path the employee takes through the experience, to make sure it’s focused on the topic they’re asking about
  • Some info about the benefits in question is provided immediately, and some arrives as a follow-up, to avoid overwhelming the employee
  • A few questions are asked along the way to offer a “choose your own adventure” style path through exploring all the related benefits on offer

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