Power-up your onboarding: how Dado scales personalization and engagement

HR teams no longer need to choose between scalability and a highly personalized onboarding experience that locks in employee engagement. Find out how Dado offers the best of both.

When it comes to onboarding, HR teams are stuck between a rock and a hard place: they understand the need to personalize experiences to ensure engagement, but the amount of work required to do that with their existing tools is simply unsustainable.

Often these teams don’t realise that there is a tool that can scale these high value activities to 100s or 1000s of new hires per year. 

That’s where Dado comes in! Buckle up for a whirlwind tour of this groundbreaking software that revolutionizes the onboarding game. In this blog post, we'll unveil the secret sauce behind our software and how it empowers organizations to deliver scalable yet personalized onboarding experiences. Say goodbye to the limitations and hello to a new era of onboarding excellence!

Individualized onboarding plans by default

Gone are the days of spending countless hours crafting individualized onboarding plans. Our software leverages advanced employee data to automatically generate tailored onboarding plans for each new hire. Connect up your HRIS or another data source, and Dado will use key info about roles, locations, and preferences to make personalized plans in a fraction of the time it would take manually. Say hello to efficiency without sacrificing personalization.

Virtual helpers to lighten your load

Imagine having a team of virtual helpers who can take over all the tedious onboarding tasks that stand in the way of your more impactful work. We’re talking about copy-pasting emails, creating tickets for IT, setting up meetings and sending calendar invites, adding people to teams, distribution groups and channels, responding to request for status updates about onboarding processes… We’re sure you can add to that list. 

Dado’s automation capabilities do all this and more. Dado goes far beyond what most HR software offers: it’s more like adding an extra team member than using software.

Ongoing support, at scale

Checking in with new hires and providing ongoing support shouldn't be a hassle, even as your organization grows. Dado streamlines this process with automated check-ins and feedback mechanisms. It intelligently tracks status, sends reminders, and facilitates seamless communication between new hires, their managers and HR. With our scalable support system, you can ensure that no one falls through the cracks, no matter how large your workforce becomes.

Onboarding buddy programs on autopilot

Buddy programs are one of the most effective ways to ensure new hires get all the supportand guidance they need, from a friendly face. But making sure every new hire gets an appropriate buddy, and that buddy both understands their responsibilities and lives up to them – that’s much harder to achieve.

Dado puts this process on autopilot, from triggering the selection of a well-suited buddy to prompting that buddy to reach out to new hires, book meetings and more.

No more data silos

Onboarding can often feel to new hires like death by form. Forms from the HRIS, from the payroll tools, forms to request hardware, and Google Forms to fill the gaps. Worse yet: either the new hire has to enter the same info multiple times… or some poor person has to manually copy that data across because the different systems won’t share the data automatically. 

Dado offers secure data portability by default. Data collected by Dado can be securely sent to HRISes, and data from the HRIS can be selectively synced back. But that’s just the start: you can send data to a range of other destinations, including generating Excel or Google spreadsheets with your choice of data fields that auto-update as new info comes in.

Immerse in the company culture, anywhere

Creating a sense of belonging and immersing new hires in your company's culture is vital, especially in today’s new remote/hybrid world. But if you’re struggling to cover the compliance basics, it’s impossible to find time for these high impact nice-to-haves.

Dado offers a scalable way to provide new hires with virtual cultural experiences, including multimedia content that showcases your company's values, traditions, and stories. Through on-demand content, new hires can embrace your culture, no matter where they are.


Don't let the challenges of scaling personalized onboarding activities hold your organization back. Dado has the power to transform your onboarding process, making it scalable without compromising personalization and engagement. With features like individualized onboarding plans, virtual helpers and smart data syncing, onboarding buddy programs, scalable support systems, and immersive cultural experiences, Dado unlocks new possibilities for creating exceptional onboarding experiences, regardless of your organization's size or geographical reach. Say hello to a future where onboarding excellence knows no bounds!

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