How to secure budget for HR tooling when times are tough

Learn tried-and-tested tactics for unlocking budget from Arielle Kilroy, Dado Co-founder and CEO; Recruiting Brainfood host Hung Lee; and his other guests

Dado CEO Arielle returned to Recruiting Brainfood to discuss all things business cases and budgets with host Hung Lee, HR tech entrepreneur Alex van Klaveren and Nick Thompson, IBM's Global Talent Marketing & Employer Branding Manager. Together, the four assembled an invaluable 'cheat sheet' to help you successfully make a case for investing in HR tooling, even during a budget freeze.

Their advice included:

Lead with the impact, not the cost

Take a page out of start-up pitch guidelines: start off by describing the impact the new tool would have. Even better: try and link it to a metric you know the person listening cares about, such as team efficiency or employee retention. Don't mention the cost until your audience has understood what they'll get in return. That way, you frame this as an investment in a desirable outcome, not just another expense.

Put a price-tag on the status quo

Doing nothing also has a cost, whether that's time spent on manual work by the HR team or employee attrition. Try to calculate exactly how much time and money would be saved by the software you're proposing, and set that figure alongside the cost of buying the software. If the tool saves more than it costs, that makes it easy to say "yes".

Prepare the ground

A successful business case requires a little homework ahead of time. Before you come to your stakeholders to ask for their support or sign-off on spending, make sure you're building strong relationships with them. Learn what their strategic priorities are; whether emotions or hard numbers are more likely to sway them; and which problems keep them up at night. Armed with this knowledge, you can tailor your pitch to what they care most about.

Watch the full webinar for even more suggestions of how you can make a winning case for improving your HR tooling.

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