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Pre- and Onboarding

Give your new hires the welcome they deserve



Show your best people a
clear path to growth



Structure the exit process and gather feedback 

employee JOURNEYs

Meaningful journeys that drive engagement

Ditch the checklist and centralize actionable tasks so new hires and existing staff can focus on getting stuff done instead of figuring out where and how to do it.

  • Centralize the design, planning and deployment of employee  journeys in a single place
  • Connect to other tools to import or send data
  • Iterate and launch changes in minutes to continuously put feedback into action
Screenshot of automation features in the Dado app

Eliminate repetitive tasks to focus on what matters

Your process shouldn't depend on manual and repetitive tasks. Claim back time so you can focus on the bigger picture.

  • Automatically invite staff to recurring calendar events or brand new ones like manager 1:1s or HR check-ins
  • Create tickets in your favorite project management, IT board or HR support system
  • Invite new hires to Slack channels, send messages to specific channels, and more
tracking and reporting

See what's happening to step in when needed

The asks on HR have never been greater – automation alone won't cut it. You need a tool that will be a strategic enabler.

  • Identify bottlenecks and missed opportunities in your experience with smart reporting
  • View tasks completed in other tools by using integrations
  • Stop doing manual work of sending reminders, checking external systems or entering data by hand
Photo of Lauren Eager
Dado has increased our  productivity by nearly 70% and has been instrumental in supporting our quarterly growth program. Our company is more organized than ever and the data provided by Dado supports our internal operations team.
Lauren Eager, Operations Lead
Photo of Axel Bringeus
I know the importance of onboarding but guaranteeing a good experience for every new hire has always been a struggle and with remote work it's even harder. As a founder my time is very limited, so it's great that Dado runs autonomously and I only step in when needed.
Axel Bringeus, Co-founder
Employee pages

Increase autonomy with a single point of contact

Employees shouldn't need to know when to use the HRIS, benefits platform, or LMS. Increase completion by giving each employee a unique and easy-to-use hub page.

  • Reduce tool confusion and login fatigue by centralizing all actions in an easy-to-remember hub page
  • Keep employees reassured by showing them their real time task status
  • Present their entire journey right from the start to avoid surprises later on
Supporting actors

Leverage collaboration to reach goals faster

Achieving great employee experience takes team collaboration. Involve anyone in the company including managers, buddies, HRBPs, IT, and others.

  • Assign journeys or tasks based on role, hire date, department, location, or any other data
  • Create custom supporting roles such as Buddy, HRBP, IT, or anything else your process demands.
  • Import profiles directly from your HRIS, ATS, or even from a spreadsheet.
The timeline is really helpful for managing deadlines and keeping an eye on what's coming.
New hire, San Francisco
Dado was a great addition and helps bring consistency to our onboarding process.
Manager, San Francisco
Honestly, this was the best new-company onboarding experience I've had, remotely or in person.
New Hire, Vancouver
It was great to get reminders on busy days to know exactly what had to be done.
Manager, Chicago

Integrate with your existing toolset

Dado helps you get the most out of your current tools. Read and write data to your HRIS, add meetings to employee calendars, check if they have completed an LMS module, and more.

Drive change in your organization

Give employees an intuitive and personalized experience while saving your team hundreds of work-hours.