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Onboarding that runs itself

Your managers should be guiding new hires close deals, not doing repetitive manual tasks. No more checklists, just smart systems that know when your new hire has completed a task.

Dado automates all the common to-dos like calendar invitations, IT requests and Slack invites, as well as automatically tracking progress through learning content, assigning to accounts and gathering feedback.

Real-time reporting and analysis

Dado gives you insight into each new hire’s onboarding progress, as well as a dashboard of an entire onboarding program, to identify blockers to new hire success and ways to iteratively improve.

Lock in your talent

The talent marketplace has never been more competitive. Engaging, personalized onboarding experiences can cut attrition in the first six months by 40%.

Make new hires feel welcome and productive and give them a place to reference all the tools and resources they need to succeed.

Designed for remote and hybrid teams

Whether your team is office-based, distributed or split across both, our system can handle it all.

Dado automatically enrolls new sales hires in the right working location(s), and integrates with all the tools you use for your hybrid/remote set up.

Integrate with your existing tools
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and many more

Get started in days, not months

Connect your systems

Easily link Dado to the tools you use every day – no technical knowledge needed

Build your experience in 2 hours

Our expert templates and no-code tools require zero training to use

Launch in 2 weeks and start saving time

Reduce the manual effort in onboarding by over 70%

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