Our founding team

Arielle Kilroy

  • Webby Honoree
  • Pioneer of the now established "Direct to Fan" model for musicians & modern US advocacy digital strategy
  • Conference Speaker & Panelist
  • Product Mentor and Trainer
  • Passionate about all things DEI

Gernot Höflechner

  • Creator of award-winning language education and analysis tools for Latin and Ancient Greek
  • Main developer and former CTO of Small Improvements
  • Co-founder of affilimate.com
  • Conference and Meetup Speaker

Gabriel Lovato

Head of Design
  • Over 10 years experience in design and UX
  • Diverse experience in HR Tech, Fintech, Social, E-commerce
  • Multi-cultural experience in Brazil, France and Germany


Cory Rose

Advisor, Global HR Leader
  • 15 years of experience spanning multiple industries, company size/stage, and continents
  • HR Tech implementation expert and enthusiast
  • Conference Speaker
  • Mom

Scott Faverty

Advisor, Customer Sucess
  • Head of Customer Success at Tribute, formely Head of CS at Small Improvements

How we work

Agile best practices: learning over planning

You won’t find a roadmap on our site and that’s a good thing! We follow agile methodologies and are constantly engaging in research so that we can solve our customers problems when they have them.

Deep collaboration 
with HR experts

We are great at building software and are passionate about HRtech. However, we are not HR experts which is why we work closely with domain experts at every step, from initial research to iterating features.

B2B software, held up
 to B2C standards

Who says the products you use at work have to be ugly and hard to use? We hold Dado to the same standard as all modern consumer applications that employees and admins are already using in their daily life.

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